This post contains affiliate links. We may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

For the past two years, our family has been using the Pancake Pillow, a height adjustable pillow with a luxurious hotel feel. And it’s machine washable and comes out lump-free! 

My husband and I battled with waking up with stiff neck and back aches caused by improper pillow support. We tried everything from the $10 department store basic pillows to the $150+ foam memory pillows with no long-term relief.

One Solution for Any Sleep Position

The selection in pillows is overwhelming! Pillows for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers… But does anyone actually wake up in the same position they fell asleep in? I often find that I fall asleep on my side and wake up on my stomach, with lower back pain. Or, on my side with my neck over-extended and chin down. 

Soft, Luxurious Hotel Quality Materials

I found the most comfortable pillow ever during a stay at a really nice hotel, so I went online to find out where to buy their pillows. When I found them, I purchased two. They were so disappointing – nothing like the luxurious hotel pillow we’d enjoyed at the hotel.

So I was ready to just resort to purchasing a pillow for each sleep position and keep the extras within reach and switch as needed. That was going to be a little expensive and create a clutter of pillows on my floor, and a tempting invitation for the cat to lounge on them. Not the best solution.

Height Adjustable

Then I had the thought: What if you could find a pillow that is height adjustable to whatever my just-right preference was on any night in any preferred position?  So I went online to do some research about whether such a pillow existed. Enter the Pancake Pillow!

It comes with 6 soft pillow layers and a zippered pillow case for quick and easy access to add or remove layers to suit your height and firmness preference! And the fabric has that oh-so-comfy hotel quality feel! 


And, quite possibly its most valuable feature is that it’s machine washable!  The dreaded day came when I had to wash the pillow. The case was easy peasy – it just washed like any other cotton item. I essentially held my breath as I waited to see how the inner layers would turn out.

Having to wash a pillow is usually the beginning of the end. With most pillows, you can expect the interior plush to form lumps and for the pillow to never really be comfortable ever again. Not the case at all with the Pancake Pillow! The layers came out of the dryer freshly fluffed and were still comfortable and fully renewed after a wash!

I always suggest the Pancake Pillow to any of our friends and family that are in the market for new pillows. We purchased two pillows, plus two extra pillow cases. Since Tim and I both prefer two to three pillow layers each, and each of our two kids likes one to two layers, we easily made four pillows from two! The Pancake Pillow has been an incredible value! 

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