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My favorite knit Christmas stockings went missing last year. It’s our tradition to hang them on the hearth. And it’s always so much fun to find them stuffed and overflowing with small Christmas goodies on Christmas morning!  I knew it was going to leave a major void in our holiday decorating and Christmas Day festivities, but I was determined to find them and not purchase all new stockings.

The kids decided to leave Santa a note to let him know that he could just put their stocking stuffers in their elected places on the couch… but Santa had a better idea! 🙂

The kids had been talking about how much they liked the trend of white Christmas trees decorated with all the bright poppin’ pink, blue and green ornaments.

When I left work the day before Christmas Eve, I headed to Menards for their “Dutch Auction 50% Off” Sale that ran from 12/20-12/24. Their entire wonderland of Christmas trees were included in the sale. The most popular trees were selling out fast, including the floor models! I found two 2.5 foot white trees, along with a few other new Christmas items, and headed home to start the festivities.

When the girls woke up, they were so excited about the mini Christmas trees on each side of the big, family tree, decked out with all the little stocking stuffers.

These mini trees were a big hit Christmas morning as an alternative to stockings! They’re the perfect size to nestle small plush toys, containers, and candy canes into.

For the next couple weeks, the kids kept their mini trees in their bedrooms and will get to start a new tradition of getting to decorate their own trees for their bedrooms every year.

Oh ~ and we found the box with my beloved knit stockings two days after  Christmas as we were packing stuff back up!

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