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2018 will forever be known here as the year that we finally jumped into our first major remodel and added a long-awaited second bathroom! It was an update to this 1940’s farmhouse that was quickly becoming an absolute necessity. With our oldest daughter approaching her teen years very quickly, we knew it was time to make this new space our top priority.

We decided to remodel our 8×16 laundry/storage area and partition off 8×7 of that space for the new bathroom. I was actually dreaming of a spacious half bath with a large vanity, but Tim had other plans. And since he’s doing all the work, I guess he kind of had a say in the matter. My hopes for a large vanity dwindled as he stood firm that we needed a stand-up shower. And I’m so glad he did! He put in a lot of work to create an amazing full bath!

Having a second shower didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but it has made family life run so much more smoothly than I imagined. We found an fantastic deal at the local Habitat For Humanity Restore on a beautiful, frosted glass OVE shower. It was a returned item. But to our surprise, we only found one tiny imperfection in the frosted glass. We were thrilled to get such a great deal and to also be supporting our local Habitat for Humanity store!

Installing a shower base was quite an endeavor! It was tricky but not impossible with a little help from some YouTube videos.

The vanity was my biggest sticking point. It had to be the perfect complementing style to breathe life into our new modern farmhouse bathroom. We also had an added challenge: We had to find a vanity that would accommodate – or could be easily modified to accommodate – the water supply coming up from the floor rather than the wall.

We knew we wanted a centered sink with plenty of counter space on each side and plenty of drawer space. We started out shopping for white vanities but white ‘shiplap’-style walls provided enough white. We searched for months, and we finally just reached a point where Tim really just wanted me to pick out a vanity and be done. In those final moments before we were about to pull the trigger on a vanity that was basically ‘sufficient’, I found my perfect vanity!

This blue fog vanity from The Home Depot has been that perfect accent to our farmhouse bathroom! The antiqued blue hue provides a beautiful contrast with the white ‘shiplap’ walls and dark wood flooring.

Home Decorator Collection’s Strousse vanity from Home Depot: From the distressed blue color, worn edging, and ornate pewter knobs, it brings a lot of modern farmhouse character to our space!

The Home Decorators Collection, an exclusive brand of Home Depot, has become one of my favorite go-to brands because of their expansive selection of styles available, the quality and the value! When compared to similar styles at other retailers, the prices are unbeatable.

I also had one detail for this modern farmhouse bathroom that I wasn’t willing to budge on, and that was oil-rubbed bronze fixtures! A ‘waterfall’ faucet has been on my ‘want list’ for a very long time. I love the upscale look & feel it brings to the space and the contrast against the light countertop!

As we moved into updating the laundry room, we decided to take the removable shelf from the cabinet under the sink into The Home Depot Paint Department and had it color-matched so we could paint some shelves for our laundry room wall to carry over the accent color into both spaces. I’m still working on some final touches for the laundry room, but we’ll be sharing pics of that space in a new blog post coming soon!

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