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After years of dreaming and several months of researching and shopping, we finally purchased our new Travel Trailer!! What an amazing day!

I’m way behind in writing this post, because we actually took possession five months ago, in October 2019. So due to the late fall purchase, we were only able to get out twice last season before it was already time to winterize it.

We spent last year researching and comparing several brands and floor plans and weighed the pros and cons, and what we ended up purchasing was not what we initially started out thinking we wanted. Our tow vehicle is a Ford Expedition with a 9200 tow capacity, so we had limitations to work within, but were surprised to learn that even in the smaller units, there are still so many different layouts and features available.

There are also significantly varying levels of quality and price points. I’ll dive into all that we learned in the process and continue to learn in a future post, but in a nutshell, we found it worthwhile to spend a little more than we initially planned, and we are so glad that we did!

We bought a 2020 Grand Design Imagine 2400BH!

We enjoyed every aspect of the whole buying experience! Despite the distance from home, we love the dealership that we purchased from. We actually bypassed closer Grand Design dealers to make our purchase with Evans and Son RV in Petersburg, Indiana. I called countless dealers – almost everyone east of the Rockies with a Grand Design on their lot – and Evans and Son had the best deals. You won’t find them at the RV shows, because their deals are competitive with RV show pricing all year!

What’s great is that this dealership is not at all pushy about extended warranties and “diamond wax jobs” and upselling specials clubs and all that stress that oftentimes comes with purchasing from a dealer. They also offer a complimentary walk-through and training on everything related to the rig at pickup at no additional cost. Believe it or not, we found that many dealers charge extra for this. If you are in the market for an RV, check them out. We loved working with our sales rep, Connie Rose!

We immediately left the dealership and embarked on a two-night shakedown trip to a beautiful campground within minutes of the dealership camp store called Prides Creek. We intentionally stayed in close proximity to the camp store in case we realized we needed something important that we hadn’t already purchased ahead of time. Luckily, all of our research paid off and we had everything that we needed!

The trip went so smoothly! Everything in our rig worked perfectly, and we felt really well prepared. And for that, we owe a huge THANK YOU to great friends that provided their experience and insights, and an awesome YouTuber, Keep Your Daydream, whose channel is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things RV’ing, as well as the fantastic detailed walk-through of our travel trailer provided by Evans and Son RV!

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